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Removing yard waste

We have moved into a house with a yard that has not been well maintained. There are all sorts of things stored in the garden, from old car bodies and parts through to bits of an old shed or garden bed that is still sitting in the middle of the yard. I am getting all of this rubbish removed because I want to plant a new beautiful garden and have a nice area for the kids to play in. This blog has some tips on how to make rubbish removal from an old yard as easy and stress free as possible.



Removing yard waste

3 Revolutionary Garbage Removal Technologies

by Bill Clark

As the population continues to rise in the country, so does the amount of waste. Therefore, rubbish removal companies must be at the top of their game to ensure effective waste management. For example, they must take advantage of any emerging technology in the garbage collection industry to improve service delivery. This article highlights technologies revolutionising the rubbish collection segment.

Garbage Trucks with Narrow Tailgates -- Garbage trucks are the workhorses of rubbish removal, and residential and commercial spaces would be grappling with foul smells and litter without the vehicles. However, with residential neighbourhoods getting smaller and street roads narrower, garbage trucks are facing maneuverability problems. This forces service providers to designate specific spots for garbage collection, inconveniencing some homeowners. As such, some rubbish removal services are investing in garbage trucks with narrower tailgates. The high level of maneuverability offered by the trucks makes them ideal for refuse collection in neighbourhoods with narrow streets.

Compactor Garbage Bins -- Scheduled garbage collection requires adequate time, staff, trucks and waste bins. A rubbish collection company that maximises any of these resources' efficiency increases productivity and improves the bottom line. Although standard wheeled skip bins are adequate, some people do not use them correctly. For instance, many users do not compress waste, causing skip bins to fill up faster than usual. If every household in a residential area does this, rubbish removal services will be highly inconvenienced. Compactor garbage bins are excellent in this regard because of their working mechanism. The compactor installed inside the bin compresses waste automatically, ensuring that the container can accommodate as much rubbish as possible. In fact, a single compactor garbage bin can replace several standard skip bins. This reduces the number of trips that rubbish removal services make.

Front-Loader Garbage Trucks -- Most garbage trucks today operate the same way — they lift and unload garbage bins into a compression compartment. Although the lift speed varies from one truck to another, it is generally slow because it relies on a hydraulic system. However, it can be challenging if rubbish collection workers have to empty garbage bins on several blocks. Garbage trucks equipped with a front-loader are faster and more efficient when it comes to rubbish removal. The reason is that garbage collectors first unload skip bins in the front-loader. A driver only empties the front-loader into a compression chamber when it is full. Most importantly, this allows garbage collectors to cover several houses quickly.

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