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Removing yard waste

We have moved into a house with a yard that has not been well maintained. There are all sorts of things stored in the garden, from old car bodies and parts through to bits of an old shed or garden bed that is still sitting in the middle of the yard. I am getting all of this rubbish removed because I want to plant a new beautiful garden and have a nice area for the kids to play in. This blog has some tips on how to make rubbish removal from an old yard as easy and stress free as possible.



Removing yard waste

When Your Bins Are Not Enough: How to Get Rid of an Inconveniently Large Amount of Household Rubbish

by Bill Clark

Sometimes your regular weekly rubbish removal service just isn't enough. If you have simply too much rubbish to fit into your bins for whatever reason, or if you have a number of bulky items that are not permitted to be disposed of in this manner, you will need to consider your options. So what are some of the ways in which you can get rid of an inconveniently large amount of household rubbish?

Do It Yourself

This one is simple, but it only works if your vehicle has a towbar that can support the weight of the load (or if you can borrow a vehicle that meets these requirements). Rent a trailer (with a mesh cage to contain the load), fill it with the rubbish that needs to be dumped, and then haul it to your nearest landfill. Not everything you need to dispose of will be suitable for disposal in the landfill, and so you will need to do some extra work. You might need to sort the recyclable components and dispose of these separately, and some hazardous materials might not be accepted anywhere other than a specialist disposal centre. And of course, you will still need to load the trailer yourself, haul it to the point of disposal (which might require a number of different stops) and then unload everything. While it's one of the more cost-effective options, the amount of labour required might make this method less appealing.

A Professional Service

Contact a rubbish removal service. While you will of course pay for the privilege, this is the easiest option. You simply gather the refuse at a convenient point on your property, and it's then collected. The sorting and specialist dumping is taken care of, and you really don't need to do anything further.

Your Local Council

Many local councils across Australia will offer a kerbside collection service for non-traditional items that would not ordinarily be accepted for rubbish collection. This is a free service (or at least one that is covered under your council rates), so it can be a good idea to find out the date of the next collection service. The next date could be too far away to be of any benefit, and so you might still need to arrange an alternative method for rubbish collection. And of course, not all items will be accepted, so you might still need to arrange private collection for these prohibited items.

These methods are all extremely beneficial when your household rubbish is becoming a bit much, and it's really just a matter of working out which one is best for you.